Wireless Network Contuinity

Have you ever caught yourself walking through a mall or an airport where you experienced a sudden drop in your connection to the building’s wifi? Suddenly the page you were viewing gives you a loading error and all attempts to reload are futile until you reach an area with better connectivity. Practically every business has a wireless network available; even large grocery and retail stores have in-house wifi for customers to connect to while they shop. The purpose of wireless network continuity is not only for the benefit of the company, but the customer’s shopping experience. 


As a business owner and consumer alike, it should be easy to recognize the importance of a good customer experience. 


Continuity in the wireless network allows you to stay connected without interruption. To ensure you have the best user experience, it would be important to note that a Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) would be beneficial to maintain seamless connectivity and security for employees and customers. 


I’ll explain to you the main reason:


Wireless Mesh Networks give a business the ability to create segregated networks. Why segregated? Because if you have a Business Network setup for employee use and a separate Guest Network setup for customers and otherwise, the risk for the Business Network getting hacked and infiltrated is greatly decreased. If there were only one network for all, it would mean that someone visiting the business with access to the wireless network could hack into the network and gain access to all connected devices. 


That’s right, all connected devices. Even the company server. 


Imagine coming to work one day and discovering all confidential, HIPAA-protected data stolen. This would include financial information, names, addresses, as well as social security cards if you keep those on file as well. In turn, imagine that your sensitive employee information has also been collected and is now being sold on the Dark Web. 


Good thing there is a simple fix and a well-known and preferred method to prevent (or make it much more difficult) hackers from having easy access to your Business Network. The solution: implement a Wireless Mesh Network and segregate your wireless networks. Implementing this along with wifi-extenders placed strategically throughout the premises will give you and your guests a comfortable, safe, and seamless wireless continuity experience. 


Next time you take a stroll through the building you won’t experience a drop in wireless connection. Instead, your device will automatically connect as it passes through to the next threshold of wireless access within the network. This also assists with setting up printers to a network and preventing the hassle of reconfiguring the printer all over again when it is moved to somewhere else in the office.  


Are you unsure if your business needs segregated wireless networks?

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