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My employees keep clicking spam links in emails. I’ve tried to use email rules to weed them out but it isn’t working. What can I do?

An email security subscription is a cheap and easy way to prevent spam from hitting inboxes and protects email in receipt/transmission. Investing in an anti-spam email subscription is a really good start to keep your inbound and outbound messages protected, as well as keep spam filtered out. Another avenue for this would be to implement Security Awareness Training. The more your staff knows about hackers and their tactics, the better they are at spotting dangerous and sketchy links and messages!

Why is our wireless so slow and problematic? I always lose connectivity to it.

Sometimes wireless devices aren’t powerful enough to extend the wireless signal. This can be solved with a Wireless Mesh Infrastructure upgrade that will allow for seamless roaming, fast speeds, and stable connectivity. Our team can select the appropriate device, install it, and configure it to your business’s needs.

The storage is full on my laptop and I haven’t been able to get software updates. How can I fix this?

Our engineers help people every day with storage issues. Some of the simplest fixes involve increasing the storage capacity with an upgraded hard drive or solid-state drive. Another thing to consider is if there is a desire to utilize cloud-based storage. Moving your data to the cloud with Microsoft 365 means that you have less need for a physical back-up and even in the event that the laptop is damaged, your data is safe!

How can I prevent all my staff from sharing the main login information to access our server?

Firstly, you’ll need to ask yourself who you actually want to have access to all of that sensitive information. Users permissions are also important to keep in check.

Second, it is important that no two employees share the same login information, let alone everyone in the building. This is a recipe for disaster because if one person were to be irresponsible with the login information it could be detrimental to all the sensitive data stored within the server if those credentials fall into the wrong hands.

How can I offer guests/visitors/clients the use of my wireless network in a secure manner?

It is very common that businesses want to offer their visitors the ability to access the Internet through their wireless network. The most convenient way to achieve this is to give them your corporate network password but this can be very dangerous as this enables access to an organization’s critical assets such as the servers and/or where the critical data is stored. The secure way to do this is to have a technician establish a Guest Network where visitors have a designated network that doesn’t put the business at risk.

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