If you’ve ever wished you could call someone to help you figure out the most critical to-dos with regard to technology so you could prioritize better, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is likely for you. From understanding grants, cyber-security, HIPAA, 24/7 monitoring, and effective network management, an MSP is like technology insurance that can mean the difference between money well-spent and money wasted.


Having to operate on a budget that you didn’t solely design can feel stressful. You may be someone who knows all the IT needs in your organization and yet you can’t set the financial bar high enough to get those needs met. While sometimes new equipment for your employees is a necessity if the funding isn’t there how do things get paid for? With government, education, and non-profit organizations, this is often the case.


As an entity that operates on grants or donations, the first thing you’re likely investigating is how to get the most bang for your buck.


If you don’t know if you’re eligible for grants, check your criteria here:



If you know you’re eligible but would like to check which grants you may be eligible for, check here:



Aside from efficient IT management, informed managed service providers should be familiar with how a Government, Education, or Non-Profit organization operates to ensure that their services stay within your budgetary constraints and still provide the most optimal management of your network. Most all organizations don’t just need hardware/equipment for their daily operations, they often need recurring services that require appropriate management such as business software applications, cyber-security subscriptions, firewall subscriptions, domain renewals, and email management.


On top of subscription, security, and network management that MSPs continually perform, they also offer invaluable strategic support that understands what Gov., Ed., and NP entities need on a day-to-day basis to stay up to regulations such as enterprise-wide IRM standards and HIPAA. Instead of ending up in a corner because one person forgot to set a subscription to auto-renew (or the option simply wasn’t available), your MSP would catch it way before any important subscription lapsed.


Many organizations have more than one location to be managed, in addition to separate budgets for each branch. Not only can an MSP effectively manage the IT budget for each pool of tech funds, but they can assist in setting up an Active Directory. This means that instead of having each location segregated with different credentials for every user, that they would be synced, making the lives of every employee easier.


Having a unified active directory will allow for seamless transitions and movement within the organization while consolidating the number of discrepancies with only one active directory to manage.


In consideration of this, the rise in technological adaptations needed to perform routine tasks since mid-2020 is likely to remain constant. What many people have discovered across this growing need is that they can do much more than they previously realized and have become more creative with their forms of outreach and performance. From virtual meetings to streaming church services, organizations have leaned on managed service providers as a dependable resource to keep them afloat.


Thankfully, that is where More Power Technology Group shines. We, as a managed service provider, take pride in offering strategic support that focuses on preventative maintenance of the environment. This means that we don’t wait for problems to arise, we work towards catching bottlenecks and potential problems before they cause chaos in your organization and we put solutions in place proactively.


Proactive, not Reactive.


These services, among a multitude of others that MSPs take care of on your behalf, are covered by a fixed monthly fee that can be budgeted and anticipated for. Managed Service Providers offer organizations the chance for stability, fast and reliable reactivity that reduces downtime, data compliance, and a team of experts that serve as technical advisors.


If you haven’t considered an MSP for your organization, or feel that your current MSP is lacking in skill or preparedness, More Power Technology Group is here to help.

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