Security Services

Network security can easily become a business viability issue with a direct impact on your bottom-line.  Our network security services strategy is based on security characteristics that all networks should possess:

Security Policy

Networks should have a defined security policy that specifies information security requirements (e.g., confidentiality, integrity, availability, auditing, access control, etc.) as well as what users may and may not do on the network (e.g., what constitutes unauthorized and illegal activities).

Network Management

Networks should be able to control access to and detect modifications of critical components. Networks must maintain control over their configuration (e.g., hardware, software, security, etc.) and connectivity.

Identification and Authentication

Networks should provide and manage identification and authentication functions.

Resources Management

Networks should provide and manage confidentiality, integrity, access control, and availability of network resources.

Account Management

Networks should provide and manage security-related features of network accounts (e.g., user).

Solution Overview

  • Our comprehensive list of security services includes:
  • Firewall protection
  • Data encryption
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • AntiVirus and anti-malware protection
  • Virtual Private networks (VPN)
  • SPAM and content filtering
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Data loss prevention
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Security appliances
  • Security management software and tools


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