HIPAA Compliance Quick Questionnaire

  • Are visitors, other staff or patients able to hear medical discussions?
  • Are workstation monitors in public areas positioned in a way to avoid observation by visitors?
  • Does your staff share workstations while logged in?
  • Do workforce members in your service area use e-mail to transmit protected health information?
  • Does your staff immediately retrieve papers that contain confidential information from printers and fax machines?
  • Are paper records and medical charts stored or filed in such a way as to avoid observation by patients, visitors, or unauthorized staff?
  • Are medical records or other protected health information removed from the facility for transport or any other purposes?
  • Are visitors and patients given detailed directions or escorted to ensure they do not access staff areas, dictating rooms, chart storage, etc?
  • Does your service area have a detailed checklist of items to be returned or accesses removed upon an employee termination?
  • Do you have a fully documented disaster recovery and contingency plan?
  • Do you hold regular HIPAA awareness training with your staff?
  • Do you have a Business Associate agreement between your company and other organizations that could have access to your Protected Health Information?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on making your office HIPAA compliant today!

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