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More Power Technology Group can be an outsourced IT department at your fingertips offering managed network services through our MoreAwareTM program for your small to mid-sized business or organization.  Whether you are looking for the full suite of complete managed services or just need some supplemental support for your in-house information technology staff, we have a program that will fit your unique needs.


“Twenty-million person-days per year are lost due to technology problems. After payroll this is the single largest indirect cost for most businesses, and many businesses have operated for years unaware of these costs. Costs that few businesses can afford.

Any business supported by technology must consider both direct and indirect costs”… Gartner Report, 2007


…At MPTG, we understand this.

We also know that businesses are constantly challenged by the task of managing the demands of business growth while coping with continuous technology challenges.

Our focus is to keep your technology operational, available and secure so that you can focus on the everyday demands of expanding your business, managing costs, and increasing revenues. We’re here to help you realize the productivity gains and return-on-investment (ROI) you have been expecting from your technology purchases all along.

It’s not about monitoring that just lets you know that something is wrong.  And it’s not about remote access to your systems to troubleshoot issues after a failure has occurred.

It’s about a proactive, predictive, and preventative approach to IT systems management.
The same used by Fortune 500 companies.

Our strategy is embodied in an automated state-of-the-art infrastructure that gives us immediate response and access to resources and proactive solutions widely thought to be unavailable to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.

With MPTG, our technology expertise becomes your competitive advantage.

What Our Solution Can Do For You

Eliminate unpredictable IT expenses, drive productivity improvements and get back to business.

  • Do you know what you’re spending on IT to support your business?
  • Can you calculate the impact these challenges have on your bottom line?
  • How do unforeseen expenses impact the cash flow of the business?
  • Do you feel like you’re always dealing with IT headaches?
  • How much time and effort does this take you away from running the business?
  • Are you distracted from revenue generating activities?
  • Are your employees as productive as you would like them to be?

Our customers used to share many of these concerns.  What they have found is that managed services offer a perfect fit for their specific IT needs.  More Power Technology Group offers a complete, reliable and cost effective solution that allows you to…

…Get Control

Save up to 40% on your annual IT costs.  Our solutions provide enhanced visibility into your entire IT environment, providing you with the information needed to better manage your employees, get a better handle on your IT costs and maximize overall business performance.

…Get Productive

Did you know that each hour of network downtime costs an average small to mid-sized business about $500 and that an average business experiences 2 hours of downtime per week!  That equals $52,000 per year in lost productivity alone.  Simply put, our solutions help make your technology investment an asset, not a liability and a drain on your employee’s efficiency and business productivity.

…Get Simplified

Get IT off your desk.  As a one-stop solution, we offer a complete managed IT service – servers, workstations, network hardware, security, and more – all supported by our help desk team.


Contact More Power Technology Group today for more information on how we can improve your bottom line.

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