Uh oh, the Internet is gone!

A common attack performed on user’s computers that we resolve involves changes to how a computer connects to the Internet.  The DNS settings on a PC or Mac help it to determine how to  change URLs, such as www.google.com, into IP addresses.  There are many variants of malware out in the wild that currently target these settings and exhibit this behavior as part of its payload.

What does this mean for infected users?  Users with machines affected by this sort of attack are routed to an altered Internet experience – one in which the attackers have a high level of control over what pages are presented and available for viewing.  Often times, they will route you to fake products which if purchased, results in monetary gain for themselves.

Through our malware and virus removal programs and services, we have seen this sort of attack on a number of machines in recent years.  The FBI has identified a number of rogue servers that host and service this attack and had put up replacements in their stead but that is soon to change.  In a recent announcement, these servers will be taken down and anyone that had been directed to them will then appear to have lost access to the Internet.   All attempts to access the Internet these machines will result in a dead end for network traffic.  The currently implemented solution is set to expire July 9th.

It is important that users verify whether or not their machines have been affected by this malware attack before this deadline.  Contact us and we can help ensure the safety of your Internet browsing experience.

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